How to Use A Portable Washing Machine

portable-washing-machineMost of us really would not want to bother going to the Laundromat just to have our clothes washed. Also, if you are renting and you have a common room where you can do your laundry, it doesn’t always work as easy as you want it to be. Sometimes, you go to that laundry room only to find the place crammed with people. Washing your clothes in it would mean waiting for hours just to finally start doing it.

So, off you went and sought for a way to do your laundry without too much hassle. Lo and behold! You stumbled upon a portable washing machine and it is perfect because you can place it anywhere. You went and bought it, but how can you make it work?


  1. Make sure to place it near a water source in your homes like near the kitchen or bathroom. Your portable machine has a hose, so simply hook it to the faucet.
  2. Do not put your clothes in yet. Add the detergent first. Washing machines work great with liquid detergent plus it also helps you save because a little amount goes a long way.
  3. Before adding your clothes in, check them first especially the pockets and zip up those zippers that aren’t unzipped. A flailing zipper inside your washer can ruin it, same thing goes for hard or sharp objects that are sometimes left inside your pocket.
  4. Add your clothes and close the lid. Not closing the lid while your portable washer is running is one of the many reasons a washing machine gets broken.
  5. This is the time that you can plug your portable washing machine to the nearest electrical outlet. Take extra precautions when plugging any of your electrical appliances in.
  6. Turn it on and let one cycle of washing finish completely. Do not interrupt the washing cycle because it is another recipe for a broken washing machine. Once it is done, simply drain the used water.
  7. Fill the tub again with water, make sure it is cold, to start rinsing your clothes. As always, let the cycle complete and once it is done, drain the water.
  8. You can now start the spin cycle. You know the rules, no interruptions. Once you are done, you can start hanging your clothes to let them dry.
  9. Once you are done hanging your clothes, go back to your portable washing machine. Let it drain if there is still any water left in it. Making your machine last longer depends on how you use it and how you keep it when you are not using it.
  10. Unplug it from the power source and make sure to keep the power cord away from water. Check the tub if there are any remnants or balls of lint in it. If there are any, remove them and do not let them pile up. Close the lid, make sure that it is securely closed.

NOTE: Please be reminded that these portable washing machines are lightweight and small, meaning you cannot fill it to the brim with clothes. Most of these washing machines can only load up to 10 pounds of clothing. Trust me, filling it to the brim makes the life of your portable washing machine short. Use it, but do not abuse it.