How To Use An Elliptical Machine

How do you exactly use an elliptical machine? I mean, we know the simplest and most basic of things when it comes to a best elliptical machine. However, do we actually know how to use it especially if you are aiming to lose weight? Some people make the huge mistake of going too fast on it. Apart from that, there are other mistakes that we tend to commit due to our belief that we have developed because of the old and more traditional exercise machines. So, how do you know? Let me cite to you the most important things when it comes to using an elliptical machine.


When it comes to any physical exertion like dancing or working out, form always matter. Wrong body form may cause you injury and may also affect the outcome that you wanted to achieve in the first place.

How to use an elliptical machineKeep in mind that this is what you have to maintain all throughout your workout. Keep a tall posture. When I say tall posture, this means standing straight, with your head aligned t your shoulders, and your shoulders aligned to your hips. You need to hold the handlebars firmly, but not too tight. Holding on the handlebars too tight may cause fatigue to your shoulders and arms.

Do not lean on the machine. While this may seem easier for you to do, the resistance gets sacrificed in the process. The trick is to feel yourself if you are still feeling that you are working out and stressing your body when using the machine if not, then you need to mind your body positioning.

If you are not exactly sure of the form that you need to do in order to achieve your goal, hiring a trainer wouldn’t hurt. Another trick to practice is just learning from them the proper form, and you are good to go. Once you think the striding speed you are currently using is far too easy, it means that it is time for you to increase the speed.

Going back to resistance, you should increase it from time to time for you to force your body to get stressed and increase fat burning every time. Most machines have an easy step by step guide on which resistance would fit you. You just need to input your current weight, and the goal you need to achieve for that session.


Most of us, being able to see such machines on TV or in movies, think that when following the actors or models and replicating their positioning while on the machine, we already think that we are doing the best way to maximize the calorie burning. In most cases, we are doing it all wrong, and we are even putting ourselves in danger of causing an injury during its use.

FitnessIn regards to this matter, make sure to step properly on the machine, with both feet flat on the stepper. Also, make sure to hold only on the provided hand grips, to ensure proper gliding, as well as adequate balance while using the machine. It is important to observe clearance of your legs in the belt because, being a heavy machinery, can cause your legs to get stuck in between and breaking them easily. If in case you are using an electric powered elliptical machine.

Ensure operation only to your capable speed, and refrain from increasing speed, if you still are new to using it. While it is commonly safe to use it on a daily basis, you might not avoid toppling down from the machine if the speed gets out of hand and moreover, causing further strain and injury on your end, instead of getting a fitter body.